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EURO - TRANS is a leader in integrated solutions for transport intended for the construction industry in Poland.

We specialise in transportation of aggregates, cement and concrete. We lease concrete pumps, excavators for unloading railway carriages, and wheel loaders for loading aggregates.

Our competences





Our competences are confirmed by the implementation of numerous projects and the commitment of our specialists. We possess modern and diversified logistical resources, covering over 300 transport units from respected brands (Liebherr, Putzmeister, Schwing, Spitzer Silo-Fahrzeugwerke, Caterpillar (CAT), Mercedes, Scania). All of these are the reasons for which our services are requested by the biggest Polish concrete producers, aggregate quarries, and leaders in the construction industry who implement infrastructure, as well as residential and commercial development projects.


Apart from the specialist equipment and the fleet of vehicles which are systematically replaced with the newest models, a significant factor contributing to the success of EURO-TRANS is timeliness and an individual approach to the needs of each customer. We operate comprehensively, based on the highest industry standards. Our achievements are acknowledged by our business partners, as well as independent audit organisations which rank EURO-TRANS among the greatest and most efficiently managed transport companies in Poland.

We have been functioning on the Polish market for 15 years.

We have been functioning on the Polish market for 15 years.

We have implemented thousands of logistics projects for the leaders in the construction industry.

The services and equipment of EURO-TRANS are available throughout Poland

Our 25 transport bases, logistical resources and the scale of our operations is what brings tangible benefits to our customers, including:

  • high accessibility of equipment
  • the lowering of logistical costs
  • ready access to the service base
  • direct contact with Regional Managers
  • detailed and swift analysis of transport projects

Euro-Trans manages a rail transshipment terminal in Warsaw

We manage a modern transshipment terminal (Warszawa Główna Towarowa) where we use modern backhoe loaders for logistical operations.

Euro-Trans manages a rail transshipment terminal in Warsaw
3 million tons of aggregates



We are prepared to receive several million tons of aggregates per year. We offer a comprehensive transshipment of whole carriages directly to the customers’ cars or to the vehicles of EURO-TRANS, thereby ensuring a safe and swift transport to their final destination.

Our specialisation

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