Fleet and equipment

The potential of EURO-TRANS is mainly in people, their competence, in modern IT systems, and over 300 transport units.

In 25 divisions across the country, we possess equipment from brands such as: Liebherr, Putzmeister, Schwing, Spitzer Silo-Fahrzeugwerke, Caterpillar (CAT), Mercedes, Man and Scania..

The main feature of our fleet is diversity which allows for the implementation of complex transport and logistics projects

Komunikacja synchroniczna SYNCHRONOUS COMMUNICATION

All Euro-Trans vehicles are equipped with on-board computers
allowing for synchronous communication
with the Operations Centre

With the use of new technologies, we monitor and process data concerning i.a. the position and route of the vehicles, vehicle load, fuel consumption, the estimated time of delivery, and many parameters related to technical characteristics of the vehicles.

The analysis of these data significantly improves the safety of the drivers’ work, and brings tangible benefits for our clients, e.g. in terms of optimisation of budgets, deadlines, and of other resources involved in a given building project.

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